The history of Canguro begins in 1966 with the idea of creating a product capable of merging the benefits of sport footwear with Italian style and design to create a product for everyday use.
The concept is that of a product that jumps forward with quality footwear proposals as well as contemporary style, sprints to always be head to head with new technologies, with a team that leaps with passion to combine avant-guard with tradition.
Jump, sprint, leap… what better way of describing Canguro?!
Initially the brand specialized in shoes for men and children, becoming in just a few years one of the first Italian brands in the referred target.
Its success consolidates with time thanks to design which intercepts the new trends in the sector, the style and quality of the products, together with communication with the consumers.
Canguro is one of the first Italian brands that believes in the importance of televised communication, proposing various advertisements inside the renowned “Carosello”.

Till this day, many remember the claim “Il Canguro salterà con te” along with the first avant-guard advertisements with testimonials of famous football players of the time such as Jose Altafini, Ivano Bordon and Enrico Albertosi.

Effegi Style Spa, one of the most important footwear companies in Italy believes in the brand Canguro and acquires it. It then relaunches the whole image of Canguro with new investments and innovative style proposals, which allow it to expand to the European and International market.
The attention to the product has been since the beginning one of the most important aspects for the new Canguro. The fit, the comfort, the endurance, and the use of leather and quality materials for men and women collections are all fundamental aspects that accompany Canguro from those years.
In 2013 Effegi Style focused on the commercialization of the product for man and woman, and hands over the management of the children section to another firm.
Today, Canguro (man and woman) is a brand that gathers strength from its origins, from its own history of professionality and affordability, but that also knows how to continually renew itself researching each season, collections and innovative designs, always maintaining a good relationship between quality and price.

Our story told from our historic catalogues.