What wearing to watch a rugby match?

Also this year the Six Nations, the most important rugby tournament in Europe, is about to end.

This is a competition between the biggest European teams, Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy, with matches that are held in the weekends of February and March.

In recent times there are many fans who have started to follow the national team and many others who have chosen to watch the games from home.

But what makes rugby so special to millions of people?

Surely the peculiarity of this game lies in the spirit that distinguishes it from all others and is the sportiness. Despite the rivalry between countries and ethnic groups, parochialism and competition, this sport has the unique characteristic of uniting everyone. At the end of the match, in fact, fans, even those who meet for the first time at the stadium, and players often end up willingly to meet up at the pub to drink and eat together.

Sei Nazioni- Canguro

As for the outfit, the men who follow the live matches often don’t pay special attention to the clothing, since their main purpose is to enjoy the game in a warm and comfortable way.

It’s true that comfort should be considered a must and that in the winter months it’s essential to cover and protect yourself from freezing, but you should never make mistakes in style, not even at the stadium!

The first suggestion therefore is to opt for a simple, comfortable and practical clothing. Jeans are definitely the ideal clothing for a casual and sporty look, without forgetting to wear socks or thermal tights to avoid being eighty minutes beating your teeth. Even on the sunniest winter days it’s important to cover properly and dress in layers with thermal inner shirt, heavy sweaters, jacket, scarf, cap and gloves. At the feet comfortable winter boots, made with soft leather that make the shoe comfortable and enveloping, will be fine. If they also have a fur lining, they will be perfect!

Chosen the right outfit doesn’t just have to enjoy the match and get ready for the third time!

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