What do you wear on Valentine’s Day?

Like it or not, with the month of February comes back, as every year, also the Valentine’s Day.

With this romantic holiday, however, there are also the usual questions that anyone who lives a love story makes: what to give to my partner and how to celebrate this anniversary?

The question, however, that more and more men are starting to ask themselves is also this: what do I wear on the occasion of this evening?

A romantic rendezvous with your girlfriend deserves without a doubt the right look, also because showing oneself cured and with a refined style can be considered a care for her and an incontestable sign of love.

How to dress for Valentine’s Day?

Of course, the outfit depends on what you chose to do and what kind of evening you intend to spend.

The first and most important suggestion is to wear a look that reflects your personality and in which you feel comfortable. Secondly, you just keep in mind some simple rules of common sense.

An example is certainly an absolute ban on overly sporty looks, unless the goal doesn’t include such type of clothing, so are banned suits, sneakers and hooded sweatshirts.

Wearing sport trousers can be good – the important thing is not to fall into the banality of jeans – especially if combined with a single-breasted jacket and a shirt unbuttoned on the neck.

As for shoes, the must is definitely the classic laces or moccasins, while you don’t even have to include in the options of choice boots or amphibians. At most you can turn a blind eye on classic leather or leather ankle boots.

As for the colors, there are no risks with the classic blue, gray, black and bordeaux. You can play with the imagination and creativity only in some selected eccentric details with a “love” theme, such as a clutch bag for the jacket or a pair of socks with hearts and anything that can resume the romantic theme typical of Valentine’s Day. In any case, the important thing is not to overdo it!

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