The use of 3D printing in the world of the shoe

3D printing is a fairly recent technology, but it’s nevertheless living a period of great expansion. The study of new materials, the great advantage of realizing in a short time what has been designed or even simply imagined and the ease of use are launching this technique towards an extremely promising future.

One of the areas in which the use of 3D printing is arousing a lot of interest is the shoe industry, which is thus opening up to new original scenarios.

The great advantage in the use of 3D printing lies mainly in the design and rapid production of footwear insoles, even if, supported by the study of new ones, the use of the sole is going to evolve in an impressive way.

stampa 3d shoe







A wide application of 3D printing in the world of footwear, especially through the rapid prototyping process, could in fact bring a solution to the most common problems that all companies in the sector normally encounter.

The first immediate advantage would be, in fact, the creation of a tailored shoe and there would be no more obstacles in terms of half sizes and compatibility / conversion with foreign measurement systems. Everyone would have its own shoe with a sole modeled on its sole of the foot.

The second advantage of a 3D printed shoe, in addition to the measurement, would therefore be the creation of a completely customized shoe, which would represent the ultimate solution for all those who suffer from postural problems. Designing a shoe model starting directly from the foot, in fact, would eliminate problems such as hallux valgus and flatness, malformations that often lead the patient to have to choose specific footwear to reduce pain and discomfort.







To date, some of the biggest multinational companies in the footwear industry are starting to invest in 3D printing, creating prototypes of unique and increasingly original shoes, which are characterized by differences that go from the sole to the upper.

If in the future all companies in the sector were using 3D printing, on the one hand, maximum customer satisfaction would be offered, which would have a complete and subjective personalization, on the other, many would be benefits for the company too, which in this way could significantly reduce inventory and storage costs.

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