How strong is the call of the mountain!

Although this year is not among the coldest, winter is still the best time to spend exciting mountain weekends and engage in recreational and rejuvenating high altitude walks or breathtaking descents.

If you have already prepared everything you need for trips and excursions, but you are still undecided about what to wear and which shoes to choose, here are some tips to stay comfortable while staying warm and not renouncing to be trendy even in the mountains.

As for clothing, the number one allies are thermal clothing. Whether you wear trousers, sweaters, gloves or underwear, you are never covered enough in the mountainous areas and there is no such risk with them. Moreover, thanks to new super thin fabrics, you can avoid the “bassoon” effect that is usually created when you try to stay warm by covering yourself with layers of sweaters and sweatshirts.

As far as shoes are concerned, the best choice is certainly the tightened poles: soft and warm like the Aspen model, characterized by a very practical non-slip rubber sole to allow the feet to rest even on icy and snowy surfaces, while the soft lining in Synthetic fur inside will warm them up and pamper until evening. The soft Nabuck leather then makes the shoe comfortable and enveloping and colors available are details that transform these ankle boots in a chic touch to the outfit chosen to rest after a high-altitude skiing.









If instead of an intense day spent skiing you prefer to rest in a shelter at high altitude, then the watchword is relax. There is nothing better than a wool blanket on the sofa, next to a large fireplace, and with your feet wrapped in a pair of soft ankle boots lined with warm fur.

However, whether there is snow or not or whether you decide to ski or not, the mountain always has a strong appeal at this particular time of the year, both for those looking for a few days of relax and for those who want to get distracted by doing a bit of healthy physical activity!

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