Sandals: from ancient egypts to our days

Nowadays a type of sandals really popular, thanks to their comfort and summer use, are the thongs (flip-flops)

They have ancient origins; they were invented by ancient Egyptians 3.500 years ago and were considered a status-symbol because only pharaons and rich people could wear them.

The flip-flop has always fascinated people and have been influenced in its form by the country where it was adopted; known are the Japanese geta, shaped shoes between hoof and flip-flop, which are usually worn with the specific white socks called tabi.

Today, with the introduction of a more robust sole, instead of the classical rubber sole, it can be used daily, giving the chance to all, to wear casual at the work too.

Canguro’s Ibiza sandals have exactly this purpose: confort and elegance.

There are other types of sandals that fit each person’s needs: from the closed Graz’s version, ideal for those who love having areate foot but at the same time protected; to the slip-on with vamp to one or more bands, as the Malaga’s model, which can be worn either under jeans, trousers or with shorts.

Elegant or sports sandals which allow every man to have the opportunity to satisfy his desires.