How to return from Christmas holidays without too many traumas

The Epiphany officially ends the Christmas holidays! There are those who are happy and can’t wait to return to normal everyday life and those who suffer from a real “return syndrome”.

In fact, not always, resume habits that were interrupted in a period of rest, even short, is simple: you have to return to normal life after having a period of relax or perhaps after spending pleasant moments with friends and relatives and have enjoyed some more pleasure!
A good suggestion to start again in the least traumatic way possible is to do one thing at a time, without diving into multiple activities at the same time. In addition, starting the new year by devoting a little more to one’s body helps not only to get in shape after the various Christmas dinners, but also allows you to enjoy a few hours of leisure and encourages a gradual recovery of daily routine.

Someone thinks that running is the best way to discharge negative energy, while others decide to follow the most popular good intentions with the enrollment in the gym. It’s clear that it is not necessary to be athletes, this is especially true for those who don’t have the time or desire to undertake a demanding fitness activity, but it’s enough to introduce little by little walks within their day.
Benefits that walking brings are many, both physically and mentally but, above all, it’s an activity that requires few tools and little time: it takes only half an hour of activity a day and a pair of comfortable shoes.
Shoes are a fundamental element and there are some details to which particular attention must be paid in order not to incur the risk of having back pain or sore legs at the end of the day: first of all, the upper, which must be in breathable fabric, because it allows better ventilation of the foot; then the sole, which must be blunted to allow a better impact between the heel and the road; finally the tread, which must be resistant to abrasion, so as not to have to throw away shoes after a few weeks.

It’s time to put away the Christmas sweaters and start using comfortable shoes for long and healthy walks outdoors!

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