Graduation thesis in winter: what to choose for an impeccable outfit!

After years of intense study, a number of exams that never seems to end and a thousand vicissitudes and experiences related to university life, the long awaited day of the dissertation has finally arrived.

If everything has already been defined, from the printing and binding of the thesis to the invitation of friends and relatives and the organization of the party, all that remains is to focus on one last important detail: the choice of outfit.

Because of a thousand thoughts and anxiety that increases day by day in view of the discussion, it could happen, in fact, not to think at all what the right look for the degree could be if not in the days close to the date set.

In any case, don’t worry: just follow some little trick of common sense to be impeccable from head to toe.

To find the perfect outfit, first of all you need to stay in line with your style. What many will seem to be a foregone suggestion, in fact, turns out to be fundamental: in a day so full of emotions it will be really important to feel comfortable in the clothes that you choose to wear.

Being a formal event, the ideal clothing should be sober and elegant, therefore, regardless of whether it’s a three-year or specialist degree, it’s absolutely necessary to avoid too sporty, casual or irreverent looks.

In the case, then, in which the session falls in the coldest months of the academic year, the advice is to choose a winter suit with gray and blue or black wool jacket and trousers. If instead you prefer to avoid the usual dark suit, you can always opt for a broken dress, less demanding but still elegant and youthful, because it allows you to create different looks by matching the various colors and fabrics, while still maintaining a certain consistency between shades.

Regarding shoes, the best choice are the classic lace-ups, simple or with embroidery, dark in color or in any case neutral shades.









For accessories, however, the tie is not essential, the braces are allowed while it would be better to avoid the hat, despite the cold.

Ultimately, the watchword for this kind of event is: sobriety. For the rest, you just have to do the usual “good luck”!

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