How effort is the commuter life!

Every day many people, workers and students, have to move several kilometers, by choice or necessity, to get to their place of work or the university.

This need arises especially for those who live in the metropolitan area of ​​large cities, where with a single vehicle it’s really difficult to reach the place where you are heading. Often, therefore, you are forced to take over the train or the bus, even the subway or the car, with a series of combinations and variations that often could be unbelievable.








The costs of this daily transfer are undoubtedly remarkable, both from an economic and physical point of view: in the long run, life as a commuter can bring stress, fatigue and therefore frustration and discomfort. To remedy this situation and try to make this routine less heavy, you could intervene by following some small suggestions.

First of all, to avoid losing many hours on public transport every day, you could try to make the most of the journey to do something pleasant, like reading a book, relaxing looking out the windows, if the view allows it, or, for a trip long enough, to recover from the backlog.

When you return home after a day characterized by a thousand commitments, travel, work and stress, the best thing to do would be to devote to everything that allows you to relax and switch off to go back to better conditions the day after.

For those who have to spend some time on public transport or by car, the best advice, to avoid the usual back pain or various pains, is to reach the stops of public transport or the workplace, if the distances are not prohibitive , on foot or by bicycle. In this way you will have the opportunity to start the day also doing physical activity that helps you to awaken the body and mind.

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The most important aspect for a commuter is, however, wearing comfortable shoes that are suitable for the professional environment. The laces are the classic work shoes, so perfect for any type of outfit, while sneakers or ankle boots can be worn in an “office” look, but only if the work environment is not too formal.

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